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The Water Tank Group is a division of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia, the industry body that represents manufacturers of polyethylene water tanks.  We encourage customers to take a balanced approach when considering warranty periods;  polyethylene is a long lasting material and extended warranties are largely unnecessary.  The most important thing to consider when purchasing a tank is whether or not the product has been made by a reputable manufacturer so you never need to make a warranty claim.


If you're looking to buy a tank, you can enquire about the weight of the product which should help you to compare how much material has gone into the tank and give some indication of its thickness and strength.  With plastic tanks, it is important that the walls are thick and strong and that light cannot penetrate the material.  Another method of determining the quality of a tank is to ask if it has been made in accordance to AS/NZS 4766: 2020.  This is the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Polyethylene Water Tanks.  Companies who manufacture to this standard regularly test their products to ensure the highest possible quality.  For steel or concrete tanks, wall thickness is not as important an issue as these materials are stronger and UV-proof.  There is currently no water tank specific standard for these tanks and as such, your warranty is only as good as the company that you purchase from.  We recommend researching your manufacturer or supplier and getting multiple quotes before deciding on a tank.  Before you purchase a tank or consider a lengthy warranty period, ask how warranty claims should be made and how they will be handled by the company.  It is also a good idea to get a detailed explanation of what is and is not covered by the warranty.  For more purchasing tips, click here.


There are very strict guidelines in both Australia and New Zealand for companies who provide guarantees or warranties with their products.  It is important to note that while poly tanks can be easily moved and installed without the help of a professional, most warranties will be voided if the tank is transferred to another location or not properly installed and maintained.  Most warranties have stringent conditions for you to be able to make a claim and the most important of these is your proof of purchase.  Be sure to keep such records safe.

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