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Why Buy a Plastic Tank?

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Polyethylene tanks have grown to dominate the Australian water tank market as they are lighter and can be more cost effective than alternative materials. The material ensures pure drinking water with no taint.  The manufacturing process of polyethylene tanks has minimal impact on the environment as the process does not release any dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere, creates no noxious gases/odours, and the material is 100% recyclable.


The benefits:

Rotomoulded polyethylene is virtually indestructible.

No rust, cracking fibres, or water tainting problems.

Child protection accessories make poly tanks safe for families.

They are easy to install and maintain.

A wide range of sizes are available.

A wide range of colours are available.

Minimum 10 year written guarantee.

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Why Buy a Steel Tank?

Until recently, galvanised steel was the most common material used in the manufacture of rainwater tanks. Galvanised steel is not inherently resistant to corrosion but it is now available with rust resistant coatings.  Stainless steel tanks are available and this material is not prone to rust or corrionsion although it is more expensive.  Many new steel tanks are made from Aquaplate steel.  This material has a food-grade plastic lining bonded to the interior surface of the tank.  The environmental impact associated with manufacurting steel tanks is much higher than that of poly tanks but is offset somewhat by their recyclability and longevity.


The benefits: 

100% UV resistant - light cannot enter the tank and will not weaken its structure over time.

If the tank has a properly maintained polymer lining, this will ensure the water cannot be tainted by rust or other minerals from the tank walls.

Plastic lining and rust resistant coatings can prolong the life of the tank.

A wide range of sizes are available.

A wide range of colours are available.

The material has a 20 year guarantee while the tank itself will usually have a 10 year guarantee.

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why buy a steel tank

Why Buy a Concrete Tank?

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Concrete tanks are strong and heavy which means they are ideal for underground installation, including loadbearing areas such as beneath driveways.  Like their steel counterparts, some concrete tanks have or will need a plastic lining.  Concrete tanks can be cast either offsite and delivered to your home or cast onsite.  Due to their weight, either option will require considerable preparation.  Concrete tanks tend to keep the water cooler than most other tanks, reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth.  Although these tanks have high embodied energy (the total amount of energy required for production), a good quality concrete tank will last you decades.


The benefits:

Corrosion and UV resistant.

If buried, the roof of the concrete tank can be used for a entertainment area or as an area for your clothes line with the line mounted in the middle of the tank.

Won’t melt, burn or buckle in the event of a fire.

A wide range of sizes available.

Most warranty periods are between 20 and 30 years.

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