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Water is too precious to waste.

The Water Tank Group represents the tank industry and tank owners across Australia & New Zealand.  We provide independent, unbiased information for manufacturers and tank owners and offer guidance for consumers who are thinking about purchasing a tank. We also provide information for media support or research.



Just a few years ago our water supplies seemed endless, yet many of us now take increasing personal responsibility to manage our own contribution to the planet's ecological future. Whilst there are many simple little things we can do every day to preserve water, save money and help the environment, one of the most significant ways we can each contribute to water management is by harvesting rainfall with a water tank.

Images of water tanks are integral to the Australian psyche and as we have come to recognize their value to our country, they have undergone a massive renaissance. In becoming popular amongst the environmentally responsible, the manufacturers have responded to the desires of the savvy consumer market with designs that surpass the traditional stereotype of a rusty, leaking tank, huddled at the base of a windmill.  Tank designs have improved greatly and a variety of rust-resistant coating and other additives are available to extend the life of your product.  Polyethylene has enabled the creation of an almost limitless range of discreet, design conscious styles and colours; take a look at our member companies to see how much water tanks have evolved.


Of course the tank is just one of the components required to create a personal water supply and, while the technology to help safeguard it has also improved, the responsibility is yours to choose wisely and to properly maintain your roof, guttering and base. Water tanks are a valuable part of our water cycle – please ensure that yours provides years of safe storage.

Saving Water

Water is a finite resource and we can all do our part conserve this precious asset.

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