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Water Tank Designs

Round Tanks

Round tanks are exactly what the design suggests and are perfect for farms and large properties as they allow you to store large amounts of water.  Round poly tanks can either be smooth walled or corrugated and can fit under the eves of most houses.  They can store anywhere from 1200L to 50,000L.


Smooth Walled

​Smooth walled tanked are exactly like their corrugated counterparts, just without the ribbing.  The smooth wall design allows for the easy addition of fittings at any nominated position and its sleek, modern appearance appeals to those looking for an alternative to the traditionally styled corrugated tank.

Tank No Branding.jpg 2014-7-16-11:25:28


​The corrugated design provides an even wall thickness and strength from top to bottom.  This eliminates weak spots due to uneven distribution of polyethylene during the rotomoulding process.  The tanks are manufactured thicker at the transition from floor to wall, maintaining the strength of the tank where pressure will be at its greatest.



​Underground rainwater harvesting systems are a complete, packaged alternative for non-drinking applications.  They have been designed specifically to sit beneath your lawn, driveway, or paved area and most importantly, are child safe allowing you to keep your yard a child friendly space.

Oz Poly Underground.png


​Slimline tanks are great for people living in flats or on small blocks where space is limited.  Despite their slender design, these tanks still allow for significant water storage.  The water can be used for watering plants, washing cars, drinking, cooking (provided a proper filter is used), and in the laundry as well as in flushing toilets.


Speciality (Waterwall)

​Innovative and contemporary in design, Waterwall products aim for maximum capacity with a minimum footprint.  Their modular design allows for any number of Waterwall units to be connected in order to make the most of your valuable space.  The interconnected modules fill and empty from the bottom, thereby acting as one continuous tank.

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